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I am a 24-year-old, hard working, married woman. I enjoy sharing & exploring the sexual side of things! Any pics I post are mine & are of me unless otherwise stated.

If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know! I always like to hear what you think about my pictures and what you liked best ;) I try to answer everyone and complete all requests, but I’m a busy gal so NEVER rush me

I do not chat anywhere but here, I WILL NOT KIK YOU or anything else of that fashion. DON'T ASK, thanks :)


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howie-phelter asked: I like that you enjoy hearing that your pics make guys cum. You are so super sexy!

That’s my favorite part of all this! I love being the reason why you guys cum. I love driving you all crazy and being something you’d love to have…for 24 hours :) or so. I love sex adventures

howie-phelter asked: Wow it's been a long time glad you're back!!

Thanks :)

zachbirns1 asked: Do you take request?


69adult69 asked: Does this blog make your sex life with your husband any better ?

Usually yes

bl0wdis asked: You have a pretty puss

Thanks :) I love my pussy

bendoom asked: Have you ever used adult toys while your man makes love to you ?

Yes of course!

markcantu80 asked: I just came all over the place looking at your set pictures

Come over here and cum on me!

samslamthebackdoorman asked: Love that vid ;) you can come strip dance for me

Anytime ;) I’d love to

niels28 asked: Miss you;)

Thanks :) miss you too

jasonmotes asked: Hey:)


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Such a hot little cum dumpster ;)

LOVE THIS….who is down for a go?!?!? :) πŸ‘… hehe

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lightning0075 asked: I love your blog sugagirl you are absolutely very sexy and sweet ;) your pics make me crazy and hot :)

Thanks so much!!!! I really appreciate the love and support πŸ’‹

cannon357 asked: You are absolutely gorgeous :)

Thanks sweets 🍬🍭

iheartboobies22 asked: Can you send me some pictures

Are you mentally incapacitated??? Because that’s what it comes off as when you ask questions, such as that