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I am a 24-year-old, hard working, married woman. I enjoy sharing & exploring the sexual side of things! Any pics I post are mine & are of me unless otherwise stated.

If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know! I always like to hear what you think about my pictures and what you liked best ;) I try to answer everyone and complete all requests, but I’m a busy gal so NEVER rush me

I do not chat anywhere but here, I WILL NOT KIK YOU or anything else of that fashion. DON'T ASK, thanks :)


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I received a nice message recommending that I change my bio to where it begins with “I do not kik”. Great suggestion, however, I believe you guys (and gals) should be reading my bio! If your interested in me, my bio is a great insight on me and how I do things. Plus….most the pages and girls you follow are FAKE. So reading bios may help you find the real girls :) from my observations, you guys are very gullible when it comes to fake ppl

If you are SO interested that you wanted to contact me further, and possibly chat outside of tumblr…THEN you should definitely be reading my bio from BEGINNING TO END. No excuses

In reality, if I chat with you enough here and take interest in you, I may give you means to reaching out to me outside of tumblr.

Have a great Saturday πŸ’š

whiteboien3rgie asked: LOL "CAN WE KIK" THE REPLY LOL GOLD

Eh I just speak the truth. I’m a real, live girl. I don’t take shit and I don’t hand out freebies. You gotta work for it. Nobody is that hot that “you kik” is going to even make me look twice.
I’m a whole lotta fun but only if you know what your doing and appreciate what you receive πŸ˜‹

roughnready18 asked: can we kik?

Really? That’s your hook, line, and sinker? All you are to me is a faceless person, not even recognized as a male or female. At least drop some type of enticement to catch my interest. Plus if you read my bio you would have seen….I don’t kik. I specially wouldn’t even give it a thought with a “shadow”, which is all I see you as.
Try harder

usnstg3 asked: You have the tastiest looking pussy ever.

It is delicious! :) πŸ‘…

harshbuzz asked: Looking at your pics makes my balls tingle and my cock throb.

That’s pretty awesome….do I get a job well done?
Oh…that’s never enough anyway πŸ˜‰

djfr33 asked: Hi, I'm Dave. I'm fairly new to to tumblr and just came across your blog. Your beautiful. I will be black often to look around. I'm hooked already.

That’s awesome! Exactly what I’m looking for :)

submitdm asked: Love your blog. You're a very beautiful girl and have an amazing body. Your husband is a very lucky man :-)

Thank you!!!!!!! But me…I’m the lucky one πŸ˜‰

whatsnextnowandlater asked: Hello sexy

Hi :)

masonhicks71 asked: First I must say you are sexy and I love your blog. I'm not on Vine but after looking at your post I just might get on it to follow you. Do you post on vine often?

Thank you for the love!! I do not post on vine, or anywhere else too often. I go thru phases, sometimes I post tons everyday and then I go months with very few new material. I work a lot, living a busy normal life of an educated and married 25 yr old. I am always around and log on here and there to check in. Feel free to send your love or questions anyway and if I can reply I will. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with messages so I don’t usually get to answer everyone. But it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you, so keep it coming πŸ’‹

sexydrbahrain asked: That is one lucky guy you're giving a lap dance to... You're too good 😘😘

That’s my perfect husband :) I’m the lucky one!!!!

acesemfid asked: Do you have more videos? Your blog is so great, I can not at all see all videos, do you have a separate page for it? Or another blog? Looking forward to a response.

No this is my only tumblr. And out of any of my sugagirl accounts, tumblr definitely has the most posts by me!
My videos are scattered along my blog, mixed in with all my picture posts and Q&A I have ever posted. Please take a long scroll thru my page :) thanks for visiting and sending some πŸ’š

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